e-Joburg gives Joburg civilians and stakeholders a simple, convenient, and secure way to manage and pay municipal accounts online.

Simple to use, smart, and the perfect way to empower the citizens of Joburg, being City Smart has never been this easy, or this beneficial.

"It is about time that the residents of the city of gold are provided with deserving services."
- Executive Mayor - Jolidee Matongo, 10 August 2021

The Mayor committed to the implementation of a system that is designed to improve customer interaction, experience, and revenue performance. e-Joburg is that vision.

Your support and use of our municipal online payment portal helps us to reduce the city's carbon footprint and service delivery costs and improves our ability to do more for our residents, businesses, and this beautiful City of gold.

Through it, we can work together to grow and improve Johannesburg, and build a future our city can be proud of.

e-Joburg makes checking, managing, and settling all city of Johannesburg municipal accounts simple, convenient, and safe.

By registering with e-Joburg you get access to easy tools for managing municipal accounts online, something that not only benefits you as a city stakeholder, but also improves all areas of service delivery, growth, and economy in our city.

e-Joburg brings numerous benefits to the citizens who take advantage of it, making it simple to manage your municipal accounts from virtually anywhere, and at any time.

Our service is available around the clock, every day of the year, providing our customers with continued support and services, whenever they are needed.

Civilians in Johannesburg can also benefit from a reduction in administration and management costs in the city, which allows us to place better focus on service deliveries, and the continued development of the City of Gold.

This service also empowers our customers to take better charge of their municipal accounts, and how those are settled.

ZENZELE means self-reliance and echoes the spirit and determination of the City of Johannesburg, something that e-Joburg inspires in its users.

If you would like to know more about how you can register and benefit from e-Joburg today, be sure to get in contact with a representative now.

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